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Product FAQ
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Product FAQ

Who and What Is Vinyl Smiths?
Vinyl Smiths provides a design alternative to the traditional ways of redesigning and decorating. Using our decals will not damage your walls and easily changes a bland room into something  fresh and modern. They are also a great way to spruce up decorations for specials events. They are removable so when you are done with them you can easily take them down.

What Material Do You Use To Make Your Wall Decals?
We ONLY use high quality top-of-the-line vinyl lower-tack adhesive that won't damage interior walls during removal. Our vinyl also has a matte surface which matches interior paint to help give it that look of being painted on.

Can I Put Wall Decals On Glass Or Mirrors?
Yes.  Our wall decals will stick to glass and mirrors just fine. In fact, we have decals specifically for mirrors and bathrooms as well!

Will Wall Decals Work On Textured Walls/Surfaces?
Our wall decals will stick to most textured walls and surfaces. It will not stick on stucco or cement.
Painting and Our Decals
Our wall decals will stick to freshly painted surfaces as long it has been at least 30 days of drying time. Our wall decals will NOT work with latex based paints.

Will Wall Decals Ruin My Walls, Glass, or Mirrors?
Not at all. Our wall decals are all removable and will not harm the surfaces where they were applied . They are perfect for transforming apartments and dorm rooms. The vinyl we use is easy to remove at any time.

Will Wall Decals Stick on cement or brick?
No, Our wall decals are not designed to be used on cement or brick surfaces. Due to the light tack ahesive the decals dont have the ability to stick on any cement based coating.

Are The Wall Decals Reusable?
Our wall decals are not designed to be reusable. Although they may retain some stickiness, we cannot guarantee they will hold their original shape nor stick properly after having been removed from the surface where they were originally applied.

What Colors Do You Offer On Wall Decals?
We are always working on expanding our color portfolio. To view our current vinyl colors, click here. Please note, that the colors may show up differently on your monitor depending on your settings. This is why we provide the pantone for each color so you know exactly what color you are getting.